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Buying vintage is a big step to a better world, but taking care of your clothes is step two. We have a few tips to make washing more sustainable.

Save The World

Airing Is Caring

An easy way of reducing energy consumption while washing (that also reduces the cost of washing) is to leave your washing out to dry. Tumble drying and drying cabinets use a lot of energy.

Time To Get Low

Washing at 40°C uses around half as much energy as washing at 60°C. (We do recommend that you wash heavily soiled clothes and underwear at the highest permitted temperature).

Be Lazy!

Most of us wash our clothes too often. Don’t wash clothes that are not dirty. Try airing and brushing more instead - it’s good for Mother Earth and your clothes. Be lazier!

Don't Throw It Away!

When you no longer have a use for clothes, give them to an organisation that can extend the garment’s life and let someone else enjoy it, sell it on Vinted to make some extra cash or give it to a friend. Is it broken? Use it as wipes!

How it all started

Cinzia, our founder, has a passion for shopping. When she discovered the environmental impact of fast fashion, she embraced thrifting exclusively for her wardrobe. Six years ago, facing an overflowing closet, she began selling on Vinted. With items flying off the virtual shelves within a minute, she decided to spread her love for thrifting, sharing the joy of vintage treasures with others. Fast forward six years, and here we are, celebrating the journey together! 🌟